My Constitution Hill Shot Left Visit

Having finished my business in Johannesburg, I then decided to visit the Constitution Hill right up in Kotze Street in Braamfontein, Johannesburg. This was for me to see the infamous place and get to find out what it is/was all about. Well it is a place that is really intriguing i’d say and seamlessly blends modern architecture with some historic structures, still in place.
I suppose the idea was to revamp the old place, which used to be a prison from as far back as 1892, and modernize it and yet maintain its true origins. Structures such as The Awaiting Trial block define the place, where political activists, who were against Apartheid, were detained, activists like  Mahatma Gandhi. Other noteworthy structures are the Old Ford, an Exhibition Centre, Women’s Prison, The Flame of Democracy  and the Constitutional Court of South Africa.

Such a place as this Constitution Hill greatly interest me as it serves to tell our history and I automatically get the urge to take pictures. I have compiled some of the images in a gallery, visit link below.